Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Doesn't everybody want a "cement pond"?

Swimming pools....are they a plus or a minus when it comes to buying a home?

In my experience as a buyer's agent, I have found that buyers fall into the following 3 categories concerning swimming pools:

Home Buyers Who Won't Look at Homes WITHOUT a Pool

They have their hearts set on a home with a pool, and view it as a “must have” feature when deciding on a home purchase. Pools are particularly popular in warmer states because they can be used year round. In Texas where the summers are HOT, pools are a "hot" item for many buyers.

Home Buyers Who Won't Look at Homes WITH a Pool

Many buyers do not want to be burdened by the hassle and expense of maintaining a pool.
Another concern is the potential danger associated with a pool, especially if the family includes small children.

Home Buyers Who Never Thought About Buying a House With a Pool

They see a home they like with a pool, and then must quickly decide whether they are “pool people” or not before writing an offer.

Should You Buy a Home With a Pool?

If you enjoy swimming, or do a lot of entertaining in the summer, then a pool might be worth the upkeep. Otherwise, it can become an expensive bird bath. As you might expect, higher-end homes are more likely to have pools, and although the pool may rarely be used, it is primarily there for decoration.

Types of Swimming Pools

The cost for a new pool starts around $30,000, but can easily climb past six figures depending on what kind of pool it is.

Gunite Pools Gunite pool construction, which is achieved by spraying a mixture of concrete and sand into a pool-sized hole, is the most popular. Gunite pools can be designed in almost any shape the homeowner desires and they last for many years. As you might imagine, a Gunite pool is relatively pricey.

Vinyl Pools Vinyl in-ground pools are generally rectangular, but other configurations are available. They are less expensive than gunite because the pools are lined with vinyl; however, the liners often need replacement after 10 years. They are popular in areas where temperatures dip below freezing and the pools are drained in the winter. To prepare for a vinyl pool, the ground is excavated and support walls are constructed from a variety of materials such as wood, steel, fiberglass or aluminum.

Above-Ground Pools An above-ground pool adds no value to the home because it is portable. This is an inexpensive option for a pool. Unlike in-ground pools, which can require weeks to complete, these pools can be installed in a few days.

The Disadvantages of Owning a Home With a Pool
Expense of maintenance
Safety concerns
Pools consume valuable yard space
It might cost more to insure a home with a pool, and it can drive up utility bills.

Do Pools Add or Detract From the Value of a Home?
A home that's already attractive is often made even more valuable if it has a nice pool. Homes with pools have higher resale values in subdivisions featuring a large number of pools.
However, if a pool is in poor shape, it could decrease the appraised value of a home.

The choice is yours to make. Pools can be a lot of fun. You decide  if the amount of enjoyment is worth it.

                                DOES YOUR DOG WANT A POOL?